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Apple Reportedly Planning to Incorporate Smart Display Features into iOS 17 Lock Screen Redesign

Apple is reportedly developing a new feature for iOS 17 that will transform the iPhone’s screen into a smart home-style display. This information comes from a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. When the phone is locked and tilted horizontally, the interface will show useful widgets such as weather updates, calendar appointments, and notifications. The widgets will be displayed on a dark background with bright text, expanding on the lock screen widgets introduced in iOS 16. This feature will be particularly useful when your iPhone is placed on a desk or nightstand, allowing you to stay updated on notifications and upcoming events.


Google already has a similar feature for its Pixel devices when used with the Pixel Stand. When you place your Pixel on the stand, you can access different settings or display a slideshow of images from Google Photos while the device charges. The Pixel also has the At a Glance widget, which provides helpful notifications from the home and lock screen, including the date, calendar appointments, and air quality alerts.

According to Gurman, Apple is also working on bringing this feature to the iPad. They are developing a magnetic mount that can be used with the device, aiming to enhance its competition with the Google Pixel Tablet. The Pixel Tablet comes with a speaker dock that charges the device and offers similar functionality. Once mounted on the dock, the iPad can display a range of smart home controls or function as a digital photo frame.

In simpler terms, Apple is creating a feature for iPhones and iPads that turns the lock screen into a display showing useful information like weather, calendars, and notifications. This feature is similar to what Google already has for its Pixel devices. It will make it easier to stay updated on important information without unlocking the device. Additionally, Apple is working on a magnetic mount for iPads, allowing them to compete better with Google’s Pixel Tablet. The mount will let users display smart home controls or use the iPad as a digital photo frame.

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