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Top 5 Money Making Website Ideas for 2023 | Most of People Don’t Know

Five Money Making Website ideas that could be popular in 2023:

money making website
money making website

What is a Website and How to make money through website?

A website is like a book that you can read on a computer or phone. Just like how books have many pages with different stories, a website also has many pages with different information like pictures, videos, and words. You can use a website to learn new things, play games, or watch videos. It’s like having a library right in your computer or phone!

There are many ways to make money through a website, including:


By displaying ads on your website, you can earn money through pay-per-click (PPC) or pay-per-impression (PPM) models. You can work with ad networks like Google AdSense or sell ad space directly to advertisers.

How to make money through google ads?

You can make money through Google Ads by displaying ads on your website, blog,  Here are the basic steps to start making money through Google Ads. But, at first you have to create a website.

How to create website ? | step by step

Creating a website can be a complex process, but here is a general step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose a website builder or platform: You can use website builders like Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress to create a website. Alternatively, you can code your website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  2. Choose a domain name: Your domain name is the address that people use to find your website. Choose a name that is easy to remember and relevant to your brand or business. Eg.

  3. Choose a web hosting provider: Web hosting is the service that allows your website to be accessed on the internet. Many website builders offer hosting services, but you can also choose a separate hosting provider.

  4. Choose a website template or design: Most website builders offer pre-designed templates that you can customize to fit your needs. Alternatively, you can design your own website from scratch.

  5. Add content and images: Once you’ve chosen a template or design, you can add your own content and images to the website. This can include text, images, videos, and other multimedia.

  6. Optimize your website for SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher in search engine results. This can involve keyword research, optimizing page titles and descriptions, and building backlinks to your site.

  7. Test and launch your website: Before launching your website, make sure to test it thoroughly to ensure that everything works properly. Once you’re ready, you can launch your website and start promoting it to attract visitors.

Remember that creating a successful website takes time and effort, so be patient and keep improving your content and design over time.

Create google AdSense account:

To create a Google AdSense account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Google AdSense website at

  2. Click on the “Sign up now” button.

  3. Enter your website URL and select the language and country of your website.

  4. Enter your Google account email address and password, or create a new Google account.

  5. Enter your payment details, including your name, address, and tax information. Agree to the AdSense terms and conditions and click on the “Create account” button.

  6. After submitting your application, Google will review your website to ensure that it meets the AdSense program policies.

  7. Once your website is approved, you can log in to your AdSense account and create ad units to display on your website.

Note that it can take several days or weeks for your AdSense application to be reviewed and approved. Additionally, you must have a website with original content and a significant amount of traffic to be eligible for the AdSense program.

Google ads login

  1. If you are looking to log in to your Google Ads account, here are the steps you can follow:

  2. Go to the Google Ads website:

  3. Click on the “Sign in” button located in the top right corner of the page.

  4. Enter your email address and click on the “Next” button.

  5. Enter your password and click on the “Next” button.

  6. If you have two-step verification enabled, enter the code sent to your phone or generated by your authenticator app.

  7. Once you have successfully entered your credentials, you will be logged in to your Google Ads account.

  8. If you are having trouble logging in, you can click on the “Forgot password?” link on the login page and follow the steps to reset your password.

 Affiliate marketing:

By promoting other people’s products on your website, you can earn a commission on every sale made through your unique affiliate link. You can sign up for affiliate programs with companies that align with your website’s niche and promote their products through blog posts, reviews, or banners.


By selling products or services directly through your website, you can earn money on each sale. You can set up an online store, create digital products like e-books or courses, or sell physical products.

Membership or subscription models:

By offering exclusive content, courses, or services to members or subscribers, you can earn recurring revenue. This model is suitable for websites that offer ongoing value and benefits to members.

Sponsored content or sponsored posts:

By partnering with companies that align with your website’s niche, you can earn money by publishing sponsored content or sponsored posts on your website. These can include product reviews, sponsored blog posts, or social media shoutouts.


If your website provides valuable content, you can ask your readers or users to donate to support your work. This model works well for non-profit organizations, charities, or independent creators.

Top 5 Money Making Website Ideas for 2023

Personalized wellness and health websites:

With people becoming more health-conscious, a website that provides personalized health and wellness advice could be in high demand. Users could enter their health goals, dietary preferences, and lifestyle habits, and receive tailored recommendations for workouts, recipes, and wellness practices.

Sustainable living and eco-friendly products websites:

As environmental concerns continue to rise, websites that focus on sustainable living and eco-friendly products could be popular. Users could browse and purchase sustainable products, learn about eco-friendly practices, and connect with like-minded individuals in the community.

AI-powered personal shopping websites:

AI-powered personal shopping websites could be a hit in 2023. Users could input their style preferences and budget, and receive personalized recommendations for clothing, accessories, and beauty products. These websites could also use AI to track trends and provide curated collections to users.

Virtual interior design websites:

With more people working from home, virtual interior design websites could be in high demand. Users could upload photos of their home or office, input their design preferences, and receive virtual design recommendations from professional interior designers. This could help users transform their space and improve their productivity while working from home.

Online learning and education websites:

As more people turn to online learning, websites that offer online courses and educational resources could be popular in 2023. Users could learn new skills, earn certifications, and connect with other learners in online communities. This could be a great way for people to upskill and stay competitive in the job market

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