Strongest Tornado in Los Angeles County Since 1983 Strikes the Area

Strongest Tornado in Los Angeles

A rare tornado hit an industrial park and warehouse district in the city of Montebello, just southeast of Los Angeles, causing damage to at least 17 buildings. The National Weather Service rated the tornado as an EF-1 with peak winds of 110 mph, making it the strongest tornado to hit the Los Angeles area since 1983. The storm collapsed a building’s roof, snapped a power pole, and uprooted a 1-foot wide pine tree. One person sustained a minor injury. The fire department deemed 11 of the damaged buildings too dangerous to use. Videos of the dark gray clouds and flying debris were shared on social media.

The San Info
The San Info

Tornadoes are uncommon in California, with less than 10 occurring on average each year, and they are typically small and short-lived. They are called lands pouts and differ from traditional tornadoes, which come from rotating thunderstorms. Lands pouts can cause some damage, but it is generally not severe.

Recently, a weak tornado hit a mobile home park in Carpinteria, northwest of Los Angeles, damaging 25 units and causing minor tree damage in a cemetery. It was an EF-0 with winds of 75 mph.

A stronger tornado also hit Montebello, southeast of Los Angeles, damaging at least 17 buildings and causing minor injuries. The National Weather Service rated it as an EF-1 with peak winds of 110 mph. Video footage shows the swirling debris and vehicles with damage and shattered windows.

Witnesses were shocked to see the damage caused by the tornado in Montebello, with one comparing it to what is typically seen in Ohio or Arkansas, not in California.

The tornado occurred during a time when California has been dealing with severe weather conditions, including at least 12 atmospheric rivers that brought flooding and strong winds. An atmospheric river is like a fire hose that carries moisture from the tropics to higher latitudes, causing heavy rain or snow.

The recent storm resulted in the death of five people in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as damage to trees and power lines. San Francisco’s 911 call center experienced four times its normal call volume, with over 700 fallen trees and reports of glass and debris falling from high rise buildings.

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